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General Contractors & Commercial Trucking Insurance

Protect your business from liability risks, such as injuries or damages to a client’s property.

Construction team looking at building plans.

Contractors do business in one of the most hazardous industries in the country. From roofing to excavating, the people who build our homes and maintain our structures put themselves at risk for their work on a daily basis. As a contractor, you must protect yourself, your equipment, and your clients with a solid insurance policy.

Are you interested in obtaining General Contractors Insurance for your business? Request your free quote. We can help with Commercial Trucking Insurance as well!

Who We Serve

Pete Barry Insurance specializes in insurance for general contractors, subcontractors, electricians, plumbers, and other professionals in the construction industry.  

  • General contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Homebuilders
  • Handymen
  • Painters
  • Stonemasons
  • Framers
  • Subcontractors
  • Plumbers
  • Commercial contractors
  • Hotshot drivers

General Liability Insurance for Contractors in Arkansas 

General liability insurance policies for contractors provide protection on many levels. 

Bodily injury. General liability insurance can cover medical, legal, and settlement costs if a client injures themselves on your job site. This does not cover injuries sustained by employees. If you have employees, you’ll need to protect them with a workers’ compensation policy. 

Personal and advertising injury. Should your company make false statements against another company, they could sue your company for slander. General liability insurance covers the settlement costs and legal fees, as well as any personal injury claims incurred due to copyright infringement. 

Property damage. General liability insurance provides coverage in the event that you or someone who works for you accidentally causes damage to a client’s property while on the job. This can include replacement costs and coverage for legal costs if your client decides to sue.  

Add-ons for General Liability Policies

Add-ons are additional features that can provide extra protection for basic liability coverage. At Pete Barry Insurance, we can help you decide which add-ons are right for your needs. 

Data breach coverage. This add-on covers the costs associated with notifying affected clients if their computer system is breached and client data is stolen. If this happens, you may need to offer credit monitoring for your clients or build up your cyber security to prevent future attacks or incidents. This add-on will cover those expenses as well.

Equipment coverage. If your tools and equipment break down, are damaged or stolen, this coverage helps with related costs.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board requires employers to have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This policy provides coverage in the event that an employee sustains an injury on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law. 

Commercial Trucking Insurance / Hotshot Insurance

We offer a type of commercial trucking insurance called hotshot insurance (and sometimes referred to as expediter’s insurance). 

Hotshot truck insurance is a commercial auto policy that specializes in the expedited transport of cargo with a pickup truck (class 3, 4, and 5 trucks). This insurance protects your business from third-party liability claims involving bodily injury, physical damage you cause, as well as physical damage to your vehicle, and injury to your person.

Why Pete Barry Insurance?

Pete Barry Insurance is a trusted name in the construction industry. Contractors large and small turn to Pete Barry Insurance for general liability coverage as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Here’s why.  

Competitive rates. The professionals at Pete Barry Insurance have relationships with many trusted companies, which means we have a wide market with competitive rates. Your agent at Pete Barry Insurance can help you find the best rate for your policy. 

Superior customer service. Why invest your time and money in an insurance company that provides sub-par customer service? At Pete Barry Insurance, we know how important it is to provide good customer service. 

Insurance that cares. We care about our clients and take pride in getting the best rates. 

For an insurance policy that meets your needs, contact Pete Barry Insurance.

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