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Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

DUI, bad driving record, serious accidents or traffic violations? Don’t let that stop you from finding affordable coverage. Get your free quote.

High Risk Auto Insurance

Being labeled a “high-risk” driver can make it hard to find affordable auto insurance. But you don’t have to go it alone.

At Pete Barry Insurance, we believe everyone deserves the right to affordable auto insurance, and we have the experience to help you find it.

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What is a “high-risk” driver?

Auto insurance offers financial protection to drivers. Unfortunately, high-risk drivers are more likely to file a claim and therefore are considered a bigger risk to insure. For this reason, some insurance companies may raise rates or deny coverage to high-risk drivers.

Each insurance company sets individual standards that detail the exact behaviors that define a high-risk driver. However, high-risk drivers generally fall into one of these seven categories.

1. New Drivers / No Prior Insurance

New drivers with no prior insurance, particularly teenagers, experience more accidents than experienced drivers. While teens may be able to afford auto insurance coverage under their parent’s policy, high-risk coverage offers another option.

2. Older Drivers

Older drivers over 70 typically fall into a high-risk category due to a decline in their safe driving ability. Examples of the health and medical challenges that affect older drivers include decreased mobility, slower reflexes and lowered vision clarity.

3. Bad Driving Record

Minor traffic violations and accidents seem like no big deal unless they become a habit. A history of minor offenses demonstrates that you may be an unsafe driver and therefore a high-risk.

4. Serious Accidents

In general, a serious accident is one that involves a moderate degree of property damage or a bodily injury. Serious accidents could result in higher insurance rates, especially if you cause significant loss.

5. Serious Traffic Violations

Most insurers agree that drivers who commit serious traffic violations are high-risk. Examples of serious offenses include reckless driving, excessive speeding, driving without a license, and street racing.

6. DUI/DWI Conviction

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs poses a threat to everyone on the road. While a DUI or DWI conviction includes expensive fines and penalties, it also places you in the high-risk category.

7. Coverage Lapse

Most states require drivers to carry auto insurance coverage. Let your insurance drop for non-payment or another reason, and you become a high-risk driver who may be unable to reinstate your policy or find new coverage.

What are the options for high-risk drivers?

If your driving history includes high-risk behavior, you will pay more for auto insurance coverage. You often can get auto insurance, though. Shop around and compare rates from several insurance providers as you find the right coverage for your needs and budget.

At Pete Barry Insurance, we understand the frustration of finding affordable insurance as a high-risk driver. That’s why we partner with numerous auto insurance providers.

Contact us today for a personalized online quote or more information about your high-risk insurance options. We can provide you with the auto insurance you need to get back on the road.

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